Our Mission

With Which? reporting that 9% of passengers faced discipline at work due to service delays that disproportionately affect those from lower socio-economic backgrounds, our mission is clear: provide a solution that increases driver confidence in braking to ensure a safer, punctual railway for new and returning passengers. 

Our Team

Hamish Geddes

Founder, CEO

Carolina Toczycka

Founder, CCO 

Daniel Carbonell

Founder, CTO

Our Background

The blue-sky concept of Hyperloop alerted us to the potential impact our technology could have in solving problems that have remained stagnant in existing industries for decades and the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod competition brought us together. This inspired us to apply our technology to the rail industry and solve the lack of traction drivers experience in low adhesion conditions.


Alistair Lang

Partner at Thorntons Law

Jim Ashe

Director of Innovation at Bayes Centre

Investors & Funders

Lenz Labs

The Higgs Centre for Innovation,

Royal Observatory Edinburgh EH9 3HJ

+44 7999783465


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