A Digital Driver Braking System

When wheels lose traction with the rails we see critical failures as flat spots appear, presenting a safety risk to passengers, cargo and the assets. Speed restrictions are imposed by operators when conditions deteriorate to avoid the risk of overrunning signals.

With the Traction Hub technology, drivers are equipped with additional braking force at the click of a button - increasing your confidence to brake in all conditions and keep your service on time.

Controls Traction at the Wheel-Rail Interface

Enabling all-weather resilience for your services

Maintains a "business-as-usual" Service

Keeping your passengers, cargo and assets safe

Optimized Asset Maintenance Scheduling

Inspection teams and route drivers are under pressure to report issues and schedule maintenance for both track and trains and avoid emergency fixes that cause delays. The true health of the wheel and track are unknown, resulting in undetected deterioration patterns with hazards at the wheel-rail interface missed.

Our industry requires a tool that maps, in real-time, immediate hazards across the network whilst monitoring underlying issues and predicting their failures before they occur. Take the stress and strain of emergency fixes off your team and equip them with Pilotor to proactively maintain the wheel-rail interface.

Monitors Health of the Wheel-Rail Interface

Predicting failure of your assets before they occur

Analyses Track Hazards across the Network

Feeding live data to your teams as hazards appear

New Impact & Risk Reports

As the rail industry transitions to a low carbon future, stakeholders must have the most accurate and precise data on hand to reduce their emissions. With your services covering hundreds of thousands of miles a year, every inefficiency counts and it is critical to understand the risk that measures will present to your delivery.

With Pilotor's historical data engine, you can generate annual reports to assess your environmental impact and the risk of changes to the maintenance schedules.

Assessing the Environmental Impact of Maintenance Measures

Identifying maintenance inefficiencies that increase your carbon emissions

Reporting the Risk of Delays and Cancellations due to Hazards

Recommending adjustments to routes that would ease the pressure on your services

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