The Problem

Poor traction at the wheels means the train takes longer to slow down and reach high speeds. Traction problems have grown widespread with the increase on network capacity and traditional rolling stock wheels have seen little innovation in providing adequate solutions.

The Bigger Problem

Leaves on the line are the black ice of rail, this causes many problems when combined with wet weather.

Traction at the wheels is reduced by 94%

Speed limits are reduced on 10% of journeys

There are 200 near-miss derailment incidents

Network Rail is fined £300m each year

Operators lose £345m in revenue each year

Our Solution

To combat this problem, Lenz Labs are working on the Traction Hub (patent pending) - a retrofitted, sustainable solution that applies the principles of electromagnetism to increase the effective adhesion right at the source of the problem, between the wheels and the rail.

More coming soon!