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Our mission is to improve people's lives using high tech solutions to improve legacy systems.

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We are pulling trains out of the 19th century by giving them a huge performance boost.


We are re-thinking the current approach to automation to maximise land usage. Time is money, and faster robots can do the same job, but faster.


One of our core values is to cut emissions in everything that we do. Find out more about our commitment to sustainability.


We are always looking for exciting new projects to work on and can provide a wide range of services. Reach out if you think we could collaborate.


Latest on 28/10/2020

40 new entrepreneurs join Unlocking Ambition

40 entrepreneurs have now been selected to join Unlocking Ambition and will begin their 6-month UA2 Accelerator experience today. The entrepreneurs have been chosen from all over Scotland and selected for the innovative quality of their ideas and entrepreneurial leadership, committed to sustainable growth through investment, innovation and exporting.


We're always looking for new opportunities and collaborations.

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