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Meet The Founders

Hamish Geddes is the CEO and co-founder of Lenz Labs. He is an entrepreneur and a Scottish Enterprise Fellow with a background in mathematics and Hyperloop technology. He served as the Executive Secretary for the University of Edinburgh's Hyperloop team, HYPED, after progressing through several roles in the same team where he met his co-founders.

Daniel Carbonell is the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Lenz Labs. Carbonell has additional commercial transport experience: before Lenz Labs he co-founded Vennle, a start-up that worked to develop predictive software for transport operators. Prior to that Carbonell served as the Technical Director of the University of Edinburgh's Hyperloop team, HYPED.

Carolina Toczycka is the Chief Commercial Officer and co-founder of Lenz Labs. Toczycka brings extensive commercial experience in infrastructure to the team. She specializes in measuring the impact of the digitization of major projects, for which she will receive a PhD in Accounting and Business in 2022. Toczycka also currently serves as a Digital Benefits Consultant for Tideway London, the company behind London's "Super Sewer". She also co-founded the University of Edinburgh's Hyperloop team, creating and leading the commercial wing of the team as Commercial Director.

What We Do

Lenz Labs are an Edinburgh-based rail technology startup working to make braking hazards and the delays they cause a problem of the past. When leaves and natural detritus accumulate on the train tracks, they create a slippery surface that risks wheel slip and requires teams of leaf-busters to remove the debris before a journey can continue.

Lenz Labs offers a hybrid approach to tackle the "black ice of rail" from all angles. Their integrated software, Pilotor, fights the dangers of low adhesion before they begin, deploying predictive analytics to scope out debris-ridden sections of the track before the train comes upon them in real time. While the proactive tracking software looks ahead for danger, the Traction Hub component works mechanically to increase traction against slippery conditions in real time while compromised portions of the track await maintenance. Lenz Labs are pursuing funding to bring their Pilotor to market by December 2021, with the Traction Hub and Sensor Hub (the lite solution, consisting of sensor components only) to follow.

Over the course of 2020, the rail sector witnessed an unprecedented 90% drop in passenger numbers. In a post-pandemic world where remote working is a viable option for many, confidence in safe, timely journeys is vital for commuters weighing their options. Given the drop in revenues over the past year, the railways can ill afford to neglect solving the problem of low adhesion that for decades before the pandemic has reduced income for operators and incurred fines for Network Rail. If the stakeholders are to attract new and old passengers, safety and punctuality are paramount in encouraging a return to rail.

Company Details

Lenz Labs was founded in January 2020. Their team of five is based at The Higgs Centre for Innovation, Royal Observatory Edinburgh EH9 3HJ.

Our Products: Pilotor and the Traction Hub

Lenz Labs offers the Traction Hub, a product designed to combat the danger and delays of low adhesion resulting from the accumulation of fallen leaves on rail. The Traction Hub retrofits to train wheels to counter wheel slip and stabilise drivers' control under braking. The Traction Hub works in tandem with Pilotor, our AI-powered software platform that compares journey data to predict safety critical events.

The Traction Hub device and its integrated maintenance platform enable a proactive solution to the costly risk mitigation of low adhesion, optimising the time-consuming "leaf buster" strategy currently in use to keep lines safe. As commuters return to rail over the course of 2021, increased public confidence in schedule reliability is no doubt a priority for networks and individuals alike.

Launch Dates

The Analytics Hub will be market ready by December 2021. 

The Sensor Hub will be market ready by July 2022.

The Traction Hub will be market ready by June 2023.

Market Edge

As opposed to other offerings on the market that target low adhesion mechanically by water jetting, or analytically with adhesion forecasting, Lenz Labs' approach counteracts the issues caused by low adhesion synergetically to deliver benefits for both maintenance and daily operation. Their predictive software Pilotor identifies portions of the track afflicted by low adhesion as they occur, while the Traction Hub creates traction to offset low adhesion in the moment.

Industry Awards

Scottish Enterprise Unlocking Ambition Award 2021

SBRI First of a Kind in Rail Award 2021

Royal Society of Edinburgh Enterprise Fellowship 2020

Department for Transport T-TRIG Award 2020

Railway Technology Excellence Best Newcomer 2020


Lenz Labs are pursuing £1.3 million in funding to bring their product to market. They are aiming to secure a customer to trial their Pilotor maintenance platform and Sensor Hub device for summer 2022.

Lenz Labs are invested in by Old College Capital. Additional funding comes from The Royal Society of Edinburgh, Department for Transport, Science and Technology Facilities Council, Scottish Enterprise, Bayes Centre, and the Higgs Centre for Innovation, Edinburgh Innovations.

Press Enquiries

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Copyright © 2021 Lenz Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Lenz Ltd is a company registered in Scotland (SC642991)

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