Traction Hub. The Braking System

The Traction Hub is a novel, retrofitted braking technology that delivers a 20% increase in applied braking force. With the Traction Hub, drivers can have confidence in an all-weather braking system that operates in tandem with precision sensors to deliver insights on the behaviour of the wheel-rail interface.

Get in touch to learn how better, predictable braking can make a difference for your drivers. 

Pilotor Traction. The Maintenance Platform

Pilotor enables maintainers of track infrastructure and rolling stock vehicles to optimise their scheduling to proactively address critical failures and hazards at the wheel-rail interface in order to reduce delays by up to 35%. With Pilotor's optimisation engine, maintainers can rest assured that their maintenance teams are operating at peak efficiency towards their target KPIs.

Get in touch to see Pilotor in action and learn how to use the platform to reduce service disruption

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