A hybrid solution for an intelligent railway

At Lenz Labs, we work to make the low adhesion issues caused by leaves on the rail line a problem of the past.

We tackle the "black ice of rail" from all sides: our integrated software, Pilotor, fights the dangers of low adhesion before they begin, using predictive analytics to identify sections of the track afflicted by low adhesion. Pilotor works in tandem with the Traction Hub, our mechanical component that creates traction to offset low adhesion immediately, keeping journeys safe as tracks await debris cleanup.

Increase Driver Confidence

Safely brake from the speed limit with no condition concern

Indicate Track Hazards

Real-time insights to keep services on-time

Track Wheel Health

Predict failures before they occur and recommend preventative action

Lenz Labs

The Higgs Centre for Innovation, 

Royal Observatory Edinburgh, EH9 3HJ

+44 7999783465


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