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At Lenz Labs, we deploy AI, IoT, and engineering solutions to give rail a truly predictive reliability.

The visibility we give supports rail operators in their maintenance & scheduling decision to increase the efficiency, safety, and capacity of services offered to passengers and freight customers. 

A lack of visibility on true rail network conditions make it difficult for rail to compete with alternative transport modes, such as roads, despite emitting at least four times more CO2 than rail. At Lenz Labs, we believe that the key to overcoming these challenges is visibility.

Unmitigated disruptions undermine the attractivity of rail for passenger and freight, generating underutilisation and missed revenue. By predicting where disruptions will occur, our solutions enable rail operators to minimize downtime and reduce the need for emergency maintenance.

Knowing the true state of the wheel and track is the first step.

Improve performance from a superior visibility of live and predicted conditions

Make rail an easy choice for passengers and freight customers

Capture the value created by an on-time and higher capacity rail network

Lenz Labs
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