AI-powered software to proactively maintain the wheel-rail interface

Operating railways under varying degrees of friction can hamper our driver's ability to keep services on-time and causes critical infrastructure failures for maintainers to address.

Thats why we set out on a mission to supercharge your maintenance effort and empower drivers with all-weather braking that reduces delays by up to 30% and saves you millions.

Increases Driver Confidence

To safely brake from the speed limit with no condition concern

Indicates Track Hazards

With real-time insights to keep services on-time

Tracks Wheel Health

To predict failures before they occur and recommend preventative action

Pilotor Traction Maintenance Platform

Pilotor allows drivers and maintainers alike to proactively, rather than reactively, address traction events and better understand the conditions at the wheel-rail interface in order to reduce disruption to services.

With Pilotor, you can monitor the health of your track and wheels as well as identify safety critical hazards such as "leaves on the line" or flat spots before they cause a critical failure. 

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